Quit Smoking by First Understanding Exactaly What you are up against. You are Addicted to NICOTINE not smoking.

Most people have no idea the power Nicotine has in their lives.

First Month

This is exactly how I quit smoking and it works, guarenteed!

  • It's easy because for the first 21 Days you smoke nicotine.

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    This is how I see smoking!

    ..How it works is the SMOKE, SWITCH & QUIT method. During the first month of the program called First Month you continue to smoke your regular cigarette's and by checking the site daily learn about the evil that nicotine is. The day's count down from 21 and after the count down you should be able to quit and stay quit. The SWITCH is in month Kingshabing Month and it works because when all the will power in the world fails, using niotine free cigarette's and tricking your brain works. This will allow you to lose without losing, fail without failing because as long as you remain nicotine free your still on the program. If you can make it through one month without nicotine in your system you will be able to say I will now quit smoking and it will work. Nicotine is a real monkey to get off your back and this program can help a lot. Just by checking the site daily and understanding what is going on with your body as it removes the nicotine from it's self. Your body stores nicotine in your fat cells and will remove it as it as long as you remain nicotine free and follow the rules. I don't even ask you to register because it's not up to me it's up to you. Your the one that has to do it. Thankfully with our help you will be able to.

The way to sucseed is to trick your brain into thinking your smoking your normal cigarette's and the best part is, it can be fun! But just so you understand, for me this was the hardestr thing I've ever done. Of course being the hardest thing I've ever done, It also stands as my greatest accomplishment!