Mr. Harper, Canada has spoken!

Now that Mr. Harper has been removed from a job that he was never qualified to do, Canada can move forward with the rest of the world.

However, on a personal note, I’m still kinda in a bad spot. I have no medical marihuana of my own left, so the BHO that worked so well, is totally out of the question because of the very high cost involved.

The black market is no place for getting medicine, yet right now it’s my only option. I await the cxourt to decide if I can treat my self.

Last jar…………..Now what?

Last jar…………..Now what? I just retrieved my last jar of medical marihuana that I had stashed in the basement. About 2 ounces in all of the good bud that I managed to produce before the wheels fell off.

Now I’m got myself into a bit of conundrum in I have no real idea of what I am going to do to relieve my pain. Of course now that it’s on my mind a lot, my body responds by making my back pain even more dominating than usual.

I am leery of sending my possession license to a producer, because once I do, the MMPR kicks in and the MMAR is lost to me forever. MMar logo Vancouver has lots of stores selling marihuana and I’ll have to use them until Canada can clear this whole mess up!

Before It comes to going to downtown Vancouver to buy medicine, I have a couple bags of “Staff Weed” I will use because I desperate.  That’s the crappy buds with just a hint of fertilizer and mold to make it dangerous. I used to  throw all of the crappy stuff in the garbage dump because that’s where it belonged. Times they sure are a changing for sure.


What is taking so long to get into court?

I tried to talk to my new landlord about growing medical marihuana. I brought it up in causal conversation, and his reaction  was 100% No. I can understand his position totally, because I didn’t have permission from the government to move my MMAR  license, it would be taking a really big leap to saying I would use a charter 7 challenge  to the Supreme Court to get away with growing.

However should Canada have a change of heart and allow the licenses to move, I would approach him again, with the 100%  support of the law behind me. Until I run out of medical marihuana, most likely by the end of September, I wont let it bring me down.  Have a nice day.



Cyber attack causes complete data loss . lol

My hosting company allowed some additional software to slip through the door, and place it’s self within my site.  Instead of removing the infected files, I dumped the entire site and started again. It was shut down for three weeks before I could make things work.

It’s going to be hard enough moving forward as it is, without the simple things falling apart. Life is way more fun when it’s only the complex things that don’t  work and most of the easy stuff does. With one month of summer left, it’s up to us to enjoy where we are.


Canada says I can’t move my production site, just myself.

I had to move out of the Eagle Creek house before the court date, but there was no other way. The landlord  became much more of a dick over time until the end when he was  total dick.

When some people get a little power it goes to their head. Right Steven Harper? It was your government that took a working system and completely screwed it up, causing my landlord  to be a total dick to me!

So the best thing for me to do is wait and vote Liberal.