Shatter, The Real Deal!

The real deal!
The real deal!
With less than two months left before the supreme court deadline, things couldn’t be worse for me. Not being able to transfer my grow license has caused me to run out of medical marihuana and seek other methods of pain relief.

The this really cute friend of a friend saved the day by arranging 2 grams of perfect shatter. Once you tried it, everything else was, well not as good.

She got me a great deal and a renewed hope in the human experience. After smoking this stuff in my vaporizer I could actually enjoy a day. Weird that without marihuana to keep me involved in life, I started to hurt more often and higher on the 1 to 10 scale. It kinda made my life a “holding on” situation instead of the “moving forward” that I became used to.

Shatter is with out a doubt the perfect way for me to consume medical marihuana and move forward in my life. The the nice girl, I send out a big thank you and I know it will come back to you. peace

Seeds From Across the Sea!

Having run out of options, I decided to order a few seeds from Bonza Seeds. I ordered seven and Bonza tossed in 3 for free. That’s all I was willing to risk and it worked out perfectly.

Pineapple Chunk is most rewarding. That’s what Bonza says and I cant wait to find out. pine__15134_std Looks good to me LOL

Here’s my order

2 x Barney’s Farm Pineapple Chunk Feminized Cannabis Seeds
1 x Ace Seeds Nepal Jam Feminized Cannabis Seeds
1 x 00 Seeds Cheese Berry Feminized Cannabis Seeds
1 x 00 Seeds Chocolate Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds
1 x Free: Critical Impact
1 x Free: Auto Super Critical
1 x Free: Cheesus
1 x Advanced Seeds Shark Widow Feminized Cannabis Seeds
1 x Advanced Seeds Critical Soma Feminized Cannabis Seeds

So far so good they all germinated.


The Banana

Life as I know it.
What am I going to do with the rest of my life ?
My Banana

A half a dozen monkeys are put into a room. A banana hangs from a hook in the center of the room. A ladder is leaning up against the wall.

After a while they all want the banana, but it’s one that makes the connection and grabs the ladder and moves it under the banana. As soon as he begins to climb the ladder, all of them are sprayed with ice cold water. It doesn’t stop until the ladder is placed back against the wall.

Every time any of them even go near the ladder they are all sprayed with the ice water. They all know what will happen , and none of them goes near the ladder.

After a while one of them is replaced by an other monkey. The new member sees the banana and moves towards the ladder. Before he eve gets close the the ladder the others beat him until he gets the message!

After a few more weeks slowly all the monkeys are replaced. They don’t even know about the banana, but what they do know is if anyone goes near the ladder the rest of them beat it into them
” Don’t Go near the fuckin ladder.”

They don’t even know about the banana only the ladder and if you even look at the ladder they beat you down. And now there is no banana only a ladder that no one even gets close to touching, never mind climbing it.

They do this even though they have no idea why. They don’t even know the banana ever existed yet will try to stop you from getting one.

The banana is something you really want and all the other monkeys will try to stop you from getting it. Now my sister Carole is just that kind of monkey and she does not even know why! (I Do)

Don’t think, just do it!

A Special Thank You to the Stranger with the Oil.

Just when I thought there was no good left in this world, a complete stranger gave me 17 grams of oil made with Isopropanol alcohol. It’s not as good as BHO, but it’s still good.

I was completely out of medical marihuana and even though it was the first time I met this person, he gave me 17 grams of the oil he made. What he really gave me was my spring back. Without any medical marihuana of my own, not a lot of money to spend on it, I was kinda fucked.

Then a chance visit to Kamloops B.C. took me to an old friends house, when I arrived he had several friends over and after the introductions and hearing my most difficult situation, no weed and unable to move my license, he gave me the oil.

It was like he knew how difficult the next 3 to 6 months were going to be for me and stepped in and saved my spring. Now I will be able to ride further and more ofter than I have been. However, I’m going to move my “Hot Knife” station from the office to the shop because I’m used to BHO and this oil is a lot more runny. Needless to say, my key board had like 20 little drops of oil on it. LOL

So a huge thank you to that someone that made my life so much easier, even I can’t believe it. When I pay this dept off, and I will, I will pay it forward and find someone like me that really needs a “Hand Up” instead of a “Hand out” just like I did.

It’s true that a random act of kindness is the perfect gift to give to one’s self. I hope I can help someone in a major way just as the dark stranger helped me. After writing this I am even more convinced that god watches and steps in when he is really needed. Thank you!

Six Months head start, Thanks Canada.

Six months to produce what could be a lifetime supply of my medical marihuana seems like a real challenge, but it’s one I am going accept. I am just getting a 6 month head start on everyone else when Canada decriminalizes marijuana.

This is from John Conroy the lawyer in this case
“The decision of Mr. Justice Phelan of February 24th, 2016 declared the MMPR to be unconstitutional to the extent that it failed to provide for personal production or caregiver production, however, that declaration of unconstitutionality has been suspended for 6 months to enable the Defendant Federal government to fix up the MMPR to comply and make it constitutional. In the meantime his order continues the injunction until further order of the court.”

I just know that not having a unlimited supply of medical marihuana on hand causes my spine to do some funky stuff. Having 4 screws in my spine might have something to do with the problem. I don’t know how it works, it just does.

The way I know that is because I’ve tried it both ways, and without being able to self medicate my ability to participate in anything is a lot harder. So that’s exactly what I’m going to do. With this from John , We are considering what remedy to take on behalf of all of those “medically approved patients” who were negatively affected by the MMPR, but who did not fall within the injunction terms and will post an update on the webpage once we have decided what the appropriate remedy is.

The only action that Canada can do that works for everybody is decriminalization. That way I could be grandfathered in under the MMAR until I die. The RCMP is concerned about criminal involvement, legalization removes that. Just like beer, you can make your own but most of us go for the name brand.

Super Bowl Sunday! DENVER!

Were already past groundhog day and the middle of winter and nothing from Canada on the MMAR. I have very little of the poorest quality medical marihuana and have been taking Nova-Profen 600’s like they were candy.

I know that no matter how many I take, they are good as a anti-inflammatory, yet do little to control my pain. Ever since Christmas, my back has reminded me that a titanium vertebra is hard on your spine. Not a little like before, but all the time, and more and more each day.

I Can’t Believe I made it this far!

Even though it feels closer than it ever has, it seems just as far away. Because I personally was unable to provide medical marihuana for myself, I detoxed.

I actually depleted my supply of thc or whatever part that works for pain, in my body and, guess what, the effects wore off. As they did, the pain got more, let’s say, noticeable.

I am holding on to the illusion that things will workout just fine. Do you know what that means? I means that I am suffering a serous medical situation, just because Stephen Harper thought I just wanted to get high.

I know now medical marihuana works, and I have to put up with this disruption, so that I can live out my days with hope. thumbs200x126 Fraser Canyon Market is the coolest store in Boston Bar for sure!

Where I am is hurtin’ for certain!

A friend asked where I was with the whole medical marihuana situation so I just replied here. My tote full of medical marihuana has been empty for well over a month and I can’t figure out how to fill it again.

I really thought that a tote full would last longer than it did. I even started to use less to stretch it out. I thought for sure the government of Canada would have this issue cleared up long before now.

I was checking for updates almost daily in the spring, weekly in the summer, and once a month this fall. It’s winter now and Ihope that an update will come soon, because this is hard. If I had the money I would just order online, but I don’t have the green. lol


If I do use one of the licensed producers I lose this MMAR license and would be under the watchful eye of the government. Then the task of trying to find a compatible strain would take years.

So, where am I? I am completely shocked at how this very important issue is being handled. Just because something works does not give you permission to fuck with it. Now I just wait and buy crap weed for $100 an ounce. I’m being forced to suffer just because someone thinks it doesn’t work. OMFG!

Proof it works!

After being completely out of BHO for a week and really starting hurt about a 5 instead of the usual 2 out of 10. I was lucky enough to have some shared with me and it was incredible.

Worked just like it’s supposed to, I could feel my polarity changing. My body was returning to a balanced state. The circuit that connected to the pain was being blocked.

This is proof that BHO is the perfect medicine for me. Thanks to this friend for the bump. It was a moment of truth for me and it seems clearer than ever. This day will be the start of a path that will make my life livable for the foreseeable future.

This country will make it legal soon anyway so I’m just going to go ahead and use my licence to start my medical marihuana program back up and use my licence if RCMP want to bug me.

If anyone wants to I sure could use every single thing required to make this work. One day at at time….peace