Shatter, The Real Deal!

The real deal!
The real deal!
With less than two months left before the supreme court deadline, things couldn’t be worse for me. Not being able to transfer my grow license has caused me to run out of medical marihuana and seek other methods of pain relief.

The this really cute friend of a friend saved the day by arranging 2 grams of perfect shatter. Once you tried it, everything else was, well not as good.

She got me a great deal and a renewed hope in the human experience. After smoking this stuff in my vaporizer I could actually enjoy a day. Weird that without marihuana to keep me involved in life, I started to hurt more often and higher on the 1 to 10 scale. It kinda made my life a “holding on” situation instead of the “moving forward” that I became used to.

Shatter is with out a doubt the perfect way for me to consume medical marihuana and move forward in my life. The the nice girl, I send out a big thank you and I know it will come back to you. peace

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