Replay the Banana

This is a repost of a story that totally discribes my sister and her place in the world. Its sad and disappointing to know how little she cares about anything beyond herself.


A half a dozen monkeys are put into a room. A banana hangs from a hook in the center of the room. A ladder is leaning up against the wall.

After a while they all want the banana, but it’s one that makes the connection and grabs the ladder and moves it under the banana. As soon as he begins to climb the ladder, all of them are sprayed with ice cold water. It doesn’t stop until the ladder is placed back against the wall.

Every time any of them even go near the ladder they are all sprayed with the ice water. They all know what will happen , and none of them goes near the ladder.

After a while one of them is replaced by an other monkey. The new member sees the banana and moves towards the ladder. Before he eve gets close the the ladder the others beat him until he gets the message!

After a few more weeks slowly all the monkeys are replaced. They don’t even know about the banana, but what they do know is if anyone goes near the ladder the rest of them beat it into them
” Don’t Go near the fuckin ladder.”

They don’t even know about the banana only the ladder and if you even look at the ladder they beat you down. And now there is no banana only a ladder that no one even gets close to touching, never mind climbing it.

They do this even though they have no idea why. They don’t even know the banana ever existed yet will try to stop you from getting one.

The banana is something you really want and all the other monkeys will try to stop you from getting it. Now my sister Carole is just that kind of monkey and she does not even know why! (I Do)

Its March 26th and i just got home from my bike ride and fuck you Stephen Harper. Three years ago when the MMAR got tossed, i had my pain totally under control using my special BHO mix. As of right now,i am using Neproxin, however i allowed my persription to laps. If I had even a gram of shatter, i could relieve the pain short turm. I know that when I lived in 100 mile, i didnt cost the system anything because I took care of the problem myself. Its over 160.00 for te neproxin and my office visets have incresed by 75%? I just had to vent my personal thoughts about what repealing the MMAR did to my live. SO STEPHEN HARPER FUCK YOU YOU STUPID COCK SUCKER.(call me)

Busting eveyone!

Today by arresting Mark Emery the government of Canada showed they are serious. You can call it a compasion club all you want, but it’s still trafficking marijuana. I give the government credit for having the balls to enforce the law. Its about time. ☺


It’s been a while since I posted anything about my life. It was advice from council that stopped me. Since the medical marihuana laws are a grey area, I decided not to mention anything about it. I dont know what ta hell im going to write about. 😊